Night Time Help So You Can Sleep

Overnight care includes guidance for developing healthy family sleep habits, overnight newborn care, and support to help navigate night time wakings, feedings, and getting baby back to sleep.


Night Time Newborn Care


-Diaper changes

-Support during breastfeeding or bottle feeding if preferred

-Complete care of newborn(s) at night enabling parents to rest

-Stay with baby through night; bring baby to breastfeeding parent for nighttime feeds

-Stay up with breastfeeding parent through feeding and help baby back to sleep

-Log baby’s patterns

Washing Bottles & Baby Laundry


Washing Bottles & Baby Laundry

-Clean and prepare bottles

-If breast pump is used, clean and prepare

-Baby laundry

Sleep Conditioning & Safe Sleep


-Instill healthy newborn sleep habits and environment for nighttime and naps

-Use skilled and proved soothing techniques to calm newborns

-Sleep guidance

-Follow AAP guidelines for safe sleep recommendations