Care, Education, and Support For Your Family

As a postpartum doula and newborn care specialist, I’m there to help your family adjust to new family rhythms in those first days and weeks after welcoming your new baby or babies. I strive to help meet each family’s unique daily needs by focusing on the details in the background, so new parents can focus on self care and baby care.


Family Support & Newborn Education


The focus in daytime postpartum care is helping new parents and baby and it can vary daily, but can include:

-reassurance and nonjudgmental support, providing guidance to help you stay positive and providing peace of mind

-help partners and siblings adjust to new family rhythms

-extra set of hands for laundry, cooking, tending to older siblings

-emotional support of the entire family and validation of adjustment process

-referrals to local resources such as parenting classes, pediatricians, lactation support groups and lactation consultants

-fill gaps in support systems

-provide up to date information on postpartum health and newborn care

-promoting family bonding and rest

-helping parents to find their confidence in their new roles

-create a home environment where your family can thrive

-assess daily situation and take action based on the parent’s priorities

-mindful of mom’s needs for fresh air, rest, food, possibly someone to listen to her birth story

-fill in the gaps for first time or fifth time parents as they adjust to life with their baby

-encourage self care for parents

-help to ease the transition back to work

Trained to recognize the signs of healthy recovery and ready to encourage parents to contact care provider if signs are out of a normal range, including:

-help mother to care for her postpartum body

-encourage mom to eat healthy and drink plenty of fluids

-allow mom to rest when baby is resting/shower/take a walk/nurture herself

-encourage naps and rest for new parents

-provide loving care for baby while you get much needed rests

Evidence-based guidance in newborn care/how to’s:

-assistance in understanding and reading your baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping

-baby wearing support

-newborn equipment demonstrations


-cloth diapering support

-safe sleep


-soothing techniques to calm newborns

-umbilical cord care

-nursery organization

Feeding Support


-guidance and instruction on basic breastfeeding, trained to troubleshoot early issue and refer to an IBCLC when necessary

-Encourage parents to feed your baby in a way that offers both nutrition and an opportunity for bonding, supporting their chosen choice of feeding style.

-offer education about benefits of breastfeeding and breast milk

-educate family members on ways to support the breastfeeding parent

-assistance in understanding and reading baby’s cues for feeding and sleeping

-support physical and emotional for mother with breastfeeding, pumping, or formula

-proper storage of breast milk and formula

-pumping information and guidance

-teach recognition of infant feeding cues

Household Help


-nursery setup and organization


-prepare meals and snacks for new mother and family

-freezer meal prep

-errands and grocery shopping

-clean and prepare bottles/wash pump parts

-assist with nursery setup and baby stations

-organize and maintain nursery and baby supplies

-tips and tricks on baby proofing